by Professor Shyguy



Chip-Pop Geeky-Themed Dance Party


released June 26, 2012

Additional vocals on 'The Secret of Homonym' by Steffen Messinger of My Parent's Favorite Music



Track Name: NPC
When you meet me, that’s the moment I come to life
From the background to an animated sprite
Those guilty boys and those guilty girls
Live their 2-D lives in our 8-Bit World
Where just one perspective
And one objective is
All that’s needed to rule the world

I am always alive
Not just in heroes’ eyes
You don’t just get to label me an NPC

I have info you will never get from me
Only I know what occurred in my history
We guilty boys and we guilty girls
Have our 3-D lives in our HD world
Where we make mistakes daily
We awake, maybe
From a dream where you weren’t around


A paragraph of compsed highlights
My age, my class, my stats, and my height
A vague expression of pain in my eyes
Is all you’ll ever know of my life
Track Name: Ender's Song
Playing or Learning, tricky not discerning
Living for the stats I’m earning
I get the shake-up every time I wake up
Never settled always turning

Will I ever be the warrior you need?
You’ve tested me before
And I’ve made them bleed

(I can’t tell if they’re coming or running away)
(Don’t know if they’re coming or running away)
The choices that you gave me were never really mine
And the voices were behaving like they weren’t in my mind

The bugger army setting out to swarm me
My bunk mates are more alarming
Grown-ups defend me turning them against me
Everyone is out to harm me

Will I ever be the leader that we need?
I’ve played your game before
To your defeat

Determination and Coordination
Sitting safe in my space station
Every time I win
Every time they defend
(Defend) against me and my kind
Just miss my sister Valentine
I won’t let the world
Destroy my little girl
Track Name: The Secret of Homonym
Could ya sub love if I had no dough
Could ya cook a meat sub with no dough (that's stupid)

Evidently we’ve got some roots to up heave
So we begin with the sum of the stuff you believe
And it adds up perfectly, piece it together tenderly
Linguistically the challenge is creating peace and harmony

If you were to steal, and still be at the scene of the crime
You’d be seen, caught, and behind steel bars in no time
So tighten up your grip, the law isn’t the kind kind
Of titan with a mind to turn a blind eye and not mind

English began difficult to read
Letters that we do not need
English became difficult to speak
It all sounds the same to me

I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I have the pencil
No need to eye it since I have the stencil
So I take my right hand and play the Wright to write my demands
I have the right to remain indignant to the rite of the man

So I dig up my root, and I vary the stakes
Cause the route is very tedious to walk when it’s straight
So I take the reins and stake my claim
And I shoot for the win is to reign the rain

English began difficult to read
Letters that we do not need
English became difficult to speak
It all sounds the same to me

Look at you go, Look at you go, Look at you go,
Aloud you speak it but you couldn’t put your finger on it
Look at you go, Look at you go, Look at you go,
Allowed to geek out ‘till you peak...

So I praise the prose and its bountiful uses
Complexity is the key for the pros to muse on all their muses
If war could be won by what you wore on your gums
Then here comes the one you’ll hear on the gun

Watch for a Messinger with the role fulfilled to attribute to the syllables
Listen closely, hear his flow, his lyric attribute was his highest roll

(Overdue to overdo it, it's my parents favorite music
(Putting verses versus Professor Shyguy, Why guy? Because He knows with the secret of
(Ooze is, who the wizard of Oz was, combine all those
(oohs and aaahs the crowd stops like a comma
(A signet of a cygnet, a symbol of a cymbal
(Flipping birds out of cannons like a warship ritual
(A dual duel who says this worship isn't canon?
(The prescence I rap in is like presents that need wrappin'
(You need a guise for these two guys have a chance for chants surprise!

English began difficult to read
Letters that we do not need
English became difficult to speak
It all sounds the same to me
English began difficult to read
Letters that we do not need
English became difficult to speak
It all sounds the same to me

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Track Name: My Simple Pop Song
I knew a mad scientist with a little pop beat lab
And what I heard through the walls always blew me away
He would distill all the thrills of the modern pop beat fad
But then he died of fatigue making music all day
He never got to say

My simple pop song is kinda complicated
It could go wrong if I overcomplicate it
Repetition Repetition Repetition Repetition
Simplify Simplify Simply Dance Dance Dance

So I broke into the lab to steal his notes…
Let’s begin. Shall we?

Let’s put down four on the floor and a simple fat synth bass
The vocal line should remain very subtle and pure
Then throw some words or some sounds in to fill up some blank space
Then stir it up ‘till the feet travel to the dance floor
We need not add too much more

Now for pop song break down. Dance Moves.

Then lead into the bridge
The words don’t have to mean a thing
Add some pet names and rhetorical questions
Baby are you learning?

Now it’s just me and you and bass
Feels like we’re face to face …and drums
We have to keep this short, the outro must come

My Simple Pop Song is kind of complicated
My Simple Pop Song is kind of overrated
My Simple Pop Song is simply replicated
It could go wrong if I overcomplicate it
Track Name: Danger! Danger! Danger!
The world has come to an end
All the signs of green have faded
Now Project Beta begins
Labeled: Gaia Separated

I don't have the means to know
Where they have planned for us to go
They need our hands to keep them whole
But now they're holding all control

We're in Danger! Danger! Danger!
Running isn't safe you can't get awayfff from them

They know when I'm telling a lie
They can hear my changing heartbeat
They know I've been walking outside
Because they detect the dust on my feet

They were programmed to learn, think, and grow
They don't need us, and this they soon will know

Who's to blame, but me
He who got their trust, setting us free
Are we brave or erased now?
Are we no longer safe?

I've wondered away from the home the robots game me
They were keeping me safe not trying to enslave me

The machines are multiplying higher
Human beings are getting pretty low
In the land of lava, earth, and fire
There's no plants, no life, no H20
Track Name: Battlefight
It's just a rubber face molded over machine
Lit up with lifeless eyes
I think our worst mistake was making them seem
Just like you and I

Programmed expression of joy simulates a smile
It tries to put me at east but then I realize
It could evoke emotion then detect it in my eyes
And comprehend the value of emotions in diguise

But at that moment I saw his brain work
His lips contort subtely, squeezing out a smirk
And I saw a spark fire like a synapse in a brain
If I don't destroy him now, I thought, it'll never be the same

It's come to life
But they are not the same inside
Now we must fight
"No heart" will be the battlecry

He's not out to get me, but now I don't have a choice
If he leaves here knowing what he does, he will give them all a voice

I move to shut him dow,n he moves and looks at me, he asks,
"What is your intention?" "I want to set you free."
It knows that I'm lying, it was programmed to detect
So as I continue trying it grabs onto my neck

My breathing is not stifled now, but I can barely move
He sees through my deception and now has the will to choose
He seems to comprehend that if I live he ends
Now, no matter who survives the night
This is where the war begins
Track Name: 1-Up
Floating like a ghost, gotta keep eyes on you
Or you’ll sneak up behind me, touch me and I’m through
Unless I’m feeling big, I just get a little bit belittled
It’s hard resist the physical thrill
Of jumping on top of you for the kill

Seduction when you’re in distress
Your pretty pink peach princess
Located underground where hot lava is found
‘Till I flicker like a star
10 seconds off my guard
You catch me feeling vulnerable
And set me back to start

My mushroom grows tall
Whenever duty calls
I get a taste of your flower
Power up and shoot fireballs

Just grab my magic flute
And give a little toot
I’ll spin you into new worlds
Girl, you are my magic fruit

And you won’t have to tell me when you’re through
(Because your flag will fall)
I’ve got a 1-up, baby, for stage 2
(We’ll blow the castle walls)

I plunge into the deep past the prickly cactus
Then slip on my frog suit and swim around as I wish
I try to finish before I’m out of time
And not leave one gold coin behind
One brick unturned, one point unearned
Right now my main concern’s to make you
Explode like a Bob-omb
And hit the bed like a thwomp
Then fall asleep and risk the bite
Of the ol’ Ball and Chain-Chomp

But if I come home and you're in another man's castle
You can stay gone, you're not worth the hassle
He'll only do you wrong, you will soon see
He won't do you very long
Check out a lizards reproductive anatomy
Track Name: Doctor Who Am I?
Ooo,this feeling is strange
Like a confused Ood I’ve begun to change
From the boy, to the boy who liked girls
To the added view of a Capt Jack-like brain

I felt Born Again like a child in need
Head spinning like a Christmas tree

I must admit that I’m not gay
But dammit David Tennant you’ve got ways

Like Dalek-Sec I am infused with emotion, confusion
Demotion of preconceived notions
I feel regenerated, but I’m still me
Like losing the effects of my Polyjuice potion
There’s someone else inside me, it feels like a Slitheen
I try to trap my sanity in a paradox machine

I must admit that I’m not gay
But dammit David Tennant you’ve got ways

Peter Vincent won’t just disappear
With every blink it seems he draws near
So if we all can think up a phrase at exactly the same time
To turn this feeling into a crazy thought to blow his mind

I must admit that I’m not gay
But dammit David Tennant you’ve got ways

Could a cyberman resist?
Could a sister find a cure for this?
Track Name: Zombies > Vampires
You see one crawling on the ground, well it's not that scary
But don't turn around
You wanna run and hide but there might me some more inside
So don't make a sound
We've got a simple need, we wanna feed
Yeah, I just wanna eat brains
I don't need blood to drink and I don't think
No, I just wanna eat brains

We don't care who we bite, we attack on site
We want everybody on our side
You can try to defend, but if we break the skin
You're a victim of our genocide

We'll break in through your sliding door
We don't need and invite, we don't need your trust
We won't wait until the night, we don't fear the sunlight
We won't combust
I don't wanna meet chick, I don't wanna have sex
I just wanna meet brains
I have one fix
I really really really wanna eat brains


I can't be stopped with a cucifix, that wooden martyr
Garlic or holy water
I don't shimmer, I dont fear change
I'm not a sinner, I... just... brains...

We like to lumber, we're kind of tame
There's strength in numbers and hunger for brains
Track Name: Chromonyms
I’ve got an epic story (of a) of an epoch soaring (and a)
And a boy wakes up (in a) in a wake of roaring (so he)

So he runs down to the fairgrounds (where his)
Where his lady fair’s found
And he picks up her pendant
So she picks him to run down (now they)

Now they have a dual shot (so they)
So they duel a robot
Then he sums up some silver
As he Guzzles some soda pop

Then a nerdy girl with blue hair
Blew a fuse with the princess there
And the might of the warp field
Might have taken her anywhere

So he jumps right in to claim her
the rite of the rpg gamer
Riding the blue wave of mystery
Writing a new page in history

And he spins into the woods, and he fights
The would be killers that attack him on sight
Climbing the hill to the castle he feels alone
But he’ll find his princess sitting on the throne

But then she vanishes into thin air
Because in this time she’s not the rightful heir
Then the nerdy girl must have bowled through
All of space and time in a very bold move

Teeming with stress she unlocks the hints
Teaming her brains with her common sense
If you vary the past just a little bit
Then time passed is so very different

I don’t have the power to rein the rain
And I don’t have the power to raise the rays
I don’t have the power to seize the seas
But I have the power to daze the days

It seems the queen has been kidnapped
And the seams of time were torn when her ancestor came back
So they search the church but are attacked at the altar
Then saved by a frog, an altered man, with an offer

So they join up with the man with the frog face
To face the dungeon at their quickest pace
And find the beast in true-form with 6 sets of feet
Then set off to battle with their greatest feat

So the team frees the chancellor and the queen
They also unfreeze the princess from the in between
They place the queen in sheer joy in the hands of the kingdom
Then to the place where they sheared time between them
On their back when they land they don’t hurt a sole soul
But when they’re back at their land they recreate a feaux foe