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Cydran (Danial)
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Cydran (Danial) Deeper lyrics than Shyguy's previous releases, which I dig so much. As always, love the vocals and tunes, super catchy. Awesome release, highly recommended! Favorite track: Every Day.
Kaleigh Buffington
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Kaleigh Buffington Professor Shyguy never fails to impress me with his ability to write songs, as well as make them catchy, upbeat, and so chiptune-y... I love this album SO much! Favorite track: Every Day.
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<> If you didn't pre-order this album, you missed out on the eight samples and especially all twelve pre-mastered songs. It's very interesting to see how the songs changed during development! To really get the most out of this album, you need to sit down and listen to the tracks in order with the lyrics sheets on hand at least once. It's a great story, and I love how the overture ties it all together. I can't wait for the physical CD to arrive so I can hear Villain's Lament (Bonus Track)! Favorite track: Enter the Cave.
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A concept album, a Chip-Pop-Opera. An Epic, Dancey, Rocking, Emotional, High-Energy adventure.


released December 5, 2015

Written/Recorded/Produced by Brandt Cooley
Mix/Mastered by Dj RoboRob




Professor Shyguy Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Every Day
Sometimes I want to fade out
But I guess I'll have to stay now
And hear the things that people say
As I walk home every day
It's how I survive

I guess I can't run away
It's not a chance I can take
I guess I can't run away

The more I tried the more I was shoved aside
Before I'd realize that it's not what I needed to be
But I needed reference and I believed acceptance
From the people who were since only bullies to me
Would bring me relief from this life as social prey

I guess I can't run away
It's not a chance I can take
I guess I can't run away

From a problem that survives when I'm alone
It's their disdain that hurt me, not their sticks and stone
I feed on the pain they cause me, it makes me feel known

It will all change before you'll learn the game of “normal”
What was tame is uncool and everybody agrees
Just when I got a hang on being not the lame one
I still seem the same to me
The things they enjoyed are now toys of yesterday

I guess I can't run away
It's not a chance I can take
I guess I can't expect them to change for me
Or let down their aim and see that I can't run away
From a problem that survives when I'm alone
It's their disdain that hurts me, not their sticks and stone
I feed on the pain they cause me
I am not unknown
Track Name: Notes
When you say hi to me
When you wave bye to me
I know that look in your eyes and it might be
The look of love I see
I feel it tug slightly
I know that you're not just smiling politely
I won't approach you, I'll write you a note soon
You'll know that you are the only one for me

I don't want to wait for anyone to love me
I'm ready for tonight
I want anyone to love me
Don't need it to be right
I won't let go

You will reject me one
I'll move directly on
So I don't stop to reflect on what I've done
Turn reason off for fun, since I don''t offer one
It's like a game that I lose so that I've won
I get to blame you and show off my shame
To the next girl I know is the only one for me

I want to know

If they even knew I was sad
Since I fought to play the game
What would they call it
What we had
I'm entitled to the name
Did they even knew I was sad
Since I fought to play the game
What would they call it
What we had
I'm entitled to the name
Track Name: The Stone
Coming home is easy
I'm alone
Alone with me
And the sound of myself breathing
It calms me down now I scream out loud
And find my way back out

I always find myself at home
Reliving moments I've done wrong
The more that I sit alone the less is known
I'll never break the stone

Making time from nothing
Just my mind
My mind and me
We find ways to take a word or phrase
That I hear today into an entire play
About the world against me

In my cave I'm aware that I'm safer with nobody there
But I have to breathe the outside air
If I ever want to survive this place
I have to deal with the distaste
Of the initial disgrace
And stay away from the need to retrace
Track Name: I'll Stay
At least I'm trying something
I'm alone with everyone else
Not alone with myself

Put me in, lock it up, start the countdown
Overwhelmed by the number as they surround
They're in groups, they're in pairs, feel embarrassed
Even though no one knows that I've come around
Take a breath, take a look, take a step in
Take a breath, take a step, then begin again
Soon enough I will cross to the back door
Looking for someone more shaken than I am

I feel okay
Maybe I'll go, but I can't stay
Take me home, take me home now
Maybe I'll stay, but I can't wait
To make it home, make it home now
I feel okay
I'll go, but I can't stay
Take me home, take me home now
Don't feel that great
I'll stay, but I can't wait
To make it home, make it home now

The fresh air, almost there, almost outside
Only hope left to cope on which I confide
Cloud of smoke like a moat, so I'm back in
Now they laugh as I choke, I no longer blend
Nowhere safe in this place if it's just me
So I have to embrace, try adjusting
Make a joke, how I joked, get them laughing
Try to speak, but I broke, not they're laughing at me

I can't be the only one
Who feels weak and overrun
When I'm among the only ones that I know how to fight
Looking for my kind
The more and more I grind
The more I feel confined by a task without a goal
Gotta find control
Track Name: The Wall
We made it to the other side of a wall that we used to hide behind
The screen won't scroll, we can't turn back
One way to go with no map
We cannot face this place alone
We're the weak ones in this new unknown
Watch your pace because they'll gather at a trace of blood
If we split up then they erupt in
So we must travel on and on and on until

It's us vs them
We used to be
The used the weak
it's us vs them
We choose to be
The enemy, it's us vs them

We reach a symbol on the floor
I see a skull upon the door
Speak three corrupted words
And now it's time for us to enter
By now the way that we came in is way at the other end
We could turn back and survive
But everything we wanted was inside
We interrupt them as we erupt in
They wanna babble on and on and on but


Nobody can fight us if we walk away
But no one will hear a single word we say
No one will invite us, wo where will we stay
We'll just have to fight until we find a place
Away from the open where we tolerate
We wanted a place where people weren't afraid
To be who they want to without feeling hate
But that's hard to manage as we populate

We wanna wait but there is no time
To find the ones that we left behind
So we'll just clear the dust
And wait for them to come to us
We draw a symbol on the floor
In the place that we were looking for
A way for us to show that everybody has a place to go
Track Name: Leader of Some
Now I'm just waiting for the fight to slow
And the world to go
I want to run away
But I guess I'll stay

We can't rest easy to the sound of war
To the sound of people breaking down the wall
As they follow us all over
Trying to belong in a world withdrawn

I don't quite understand
It's not the path that I ended up while looking for shelter
I don't know how to lead
Should I show that I bleed
So they believe I can make us the way that we were

Time to rebuild the wall we fought to destroy
I thought that we could avoid
The intrusion of the disillusioned
We need to try to identify who was here when we cleared
And who showed up to find loot
We didn't escape to get invaded by
The other people who want to start anew

So before we get overrun
Before the war has begun
We have to clear out the ones that are ready to attack
(We're ready to attack)
So we must rebuild a wall
And boot all who don't meet the standards
If they don't have all the answers
send them away like how we had no say until now

Before our world had a view
And a voice to say it
We can't delay it anymore before they will invade
But I don't to be the only one to break away

(Bunch of reference screaming)

I'm just waiting for the fight to slow
And the world to know
I don't want to run away
I have to come to play
Track Name: Enter the Cave
I don't need to hear the words you're speaking
Skip the dialogue until it all stops beeping
Given the mission to keep on fighting
Talking back and forth isn't that exciting
So I don't have time to hear you out now
No, I've had the time to figure you out
So when the rain falls and the change calls
You can't go back to the normal
There is no out

I'll enter the cave so I can save everyone
I know the way to salvation
Follow me out
Into a place where you are safe
Everyone else is out of their mind

I sit inside my home, I know they're out there
Waiting for the moment we're not aware
Of the evil things I know they're planning
They tend to supersede my understanding
So I have to react to what I can't see
And the fact of the attack are kind of fancy
But trust me, it's all necessary
We're all very very threatened
By the chance of setting them free

Time has come, we can't avoid them
We will divide them, we will destroy them
Time has come, now nobody will enter again
This time we must defend
Destroy them all from within
Track Name: Defragment
Only people that can see my vision
Are allowed to be out beyond the all
Disagree with my decision
& I don't care when or where your life falls
You might as well be a replacement pallet
Just a freak NPC for me to fight
All it takes to make your space invalid
Is to find your save and replace it with a single byte

It's my right
I fought to play the game
It's my right
I'm entitled to the name

I'm ready for tonight
Don't want to wait until somebody feels the time is right

Even people that believe my vision
Seem to be the extreme beyond control
They say the enemy has risen
Taking our place with the name that they stole
I have the scars, proof the lines aren't blurry
I try to keep them bleeding every night
I don't want to seem unworthy
I need blood to be the judge so I have to fight

But as I keep digging deeper
Past the people sleeping in the cave
I see the toys of yesterday
That they never had the hear to throw away
I'm surrounded by what I am fighting for
Track Name: O Entitled One
Here I stand
Anger dripping from hands
Trying to prove to all that I fit in
Well I guess I do
With diversity removed there's not a lot we have to prove
How can I lose
Just me and my boys stuck in our loop
Without the threat of choice

How did I get so far away
From the open world I once craved
Now I'm stuck reliving one save
Where I die as soon as I awake

Every step
Bringing me a bit further from
The enemy that I've become
When I arrive I will never look back
I can't turn back now
But can I leave with mess I left behind
For someone else to find
I will never escape decay
I guess I must turn back
I can't run away

Over and over I blame the controller when I die every time
Over and over I claim I have closure but I lie every time

Clearing the cave is a game I'll never win
We'll just rebuild withing
When the time is right I'll traverse
Because the more I explore, the weaker the curse
So many places that I have yet to find
To get me past the grind
I don't need to defeat the past
It's already evolved
The win won't last
Track Name: New Treasure Seeker
There is no simple explanation for the mistakes that I have made
I'm overwhelmed in my temptations and the impatience of feeling afraid
The back and the forward directions
The same as left is to right
If something was blocking progression
No way around, either turn back or fight
No way to go but right
No choice for me but fight

The fog was all that I was searching for
Just a way to use my sword
Without a story to explore the reason why I fight
I guess I'll see what it means tonight
To abandon the parasite and see that anybody could be on my side

I was a treasure seeker
That's how I got this far
So I chasing creatures
In search of brand new scars
I never started questing
I just explored the dark
I needed the attacks so that my skin was broken

The time has come
I'm to the point that I can't run
My save can't be undone
And I'm among the ones I buried underground
With no out without finding away around
Can't go back, forward, up, or down
I'm no savior
Just another kid from town

I'm finding my way back
back into the open

Nobody can stop me now
I needed reason to go back out
I needed belief to be the death of doubt
We've got to raise up
We could raise up and see a different way to approach our grudge
You can load it up but the loss won't budge
Delete the save, you won't lose that much