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Professor Shyguy Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Brick by Brick (feat. Ashly Burch)
I feel my body, I hear my breath
It feels like I'm under water and I won't get farther wet
I look for shelter to find relief from you
I know the sky isn't falling but you make it all seem true

No matter how unclear I cannot forget
All at once appeared in my head

Fighting off my own thoughts as they build up a wall
Brick by brick every obstacle so small
Hard to find strength to climb when it all seems so tall
Even though I can tell its not at all

I see a body, I hear your voice
You make look similar to me but we didn't share a choice
Do I look different when you look back at me
Or do you think all the same things and envy how I look free
Track Name: Just Stand (feat Ian Sinclair)
There's a darkness everywhere we stand
Torn apart and trying to expand
In a mind a bond that can be found
Intertwining with the upside down

There's a demon creeping after you
But the humans keep on coming after too
How do we believe who we can trust
When we know both sides are coming after us

How are gonna survive
When demons start to arrive
I don't have a plan so I'll just stand and work it out

Is there no defense against the pain
Of the flayer digging in your brain
But the doctor opened up that door
When he went inside your mind before

Can eleven even up the even up the fight
Against a giant ancient demon parasite
Can we stop the battle at the source
If we make the doctor shut and seal the door
Track Name: Defeated (feat Anairis Q)
Just another morning
Just trying to get by and finding every warning
I wanna feel the ceiling will I ever reach it
I wanna see the best but I don't need to be it

Just be defeated

My determination
My duty to the city and association
I wanna be a hero City Z could see it
I wanna show the world that I have not retreated

But am I needed?

They've always worked it out before me
And I don't need glory

But do I need to be a hero they believe in
It's just a rank to me, I do it every day

I'll be on patrol seeking untold enemies
Who can take a punch, not get hit once and retreat
Even if I could not like they would ever see
That I'm a hero

Turning back and forth in my mind more every day
Will I have to force it, abhor chores anyway
Or restore a source I adored for any day
Toward a doorway
But have I seen the end

I could be living life boring and typical but what would I give to get difficult
I could be living life stupid and typical but what would I give to get difficult
Track Name: Link's Epilogue
IT always seems like Hyrule's fine
Until it suddenly unwinds
There's a world right below I don't see
That unwinds so continuously

So you can take me right back to start
Take another piece of my heart
But I won't have to fight it alone
I'll have Zelda to carry me home

Another battle with Ganon that just won't stop
No matter how many time Hyrule sees him drop
It never ends but I woke up to do my job
Prologue or Epilogue

I've had to warp to the dark world and back through time
I've had to sail 'cross the great sea I've had to climb
It never ends but I woke up to do my job
Prologue or Epilogue

They built the guardians with intent
without regarding what they'll defend
What was once just a means to an end
Has now brung on a war we can't win

Now I will fight that Yiga clan
Until my weapon breaks in my hand
Then I'll reach for the first thing I find
And I'll fight 'till it breaks every time

Another battle with Ganondorf ends in loss
How may years must I wait 'till I sleep it off
It never ends but i wake up and do my job
To no end, just where it begins

I want fish or take Epona to castle town
Or build a ranch house with Zelda and settle down
But I gotta rest until the time comes to do my job
Prologue or Epilogue
Track Name: Deliver Alucard
I know I have to fight
No one else can do what I do
They tried before but they
Just left for me

The Belmont clan are just
Fools without a plan
So don't trust their weak minds
to save Human kind today

You were scorned
Tearing Lisa from your arms
Didn't want to be rebord
But you've got me now

In you mind
You are done with humankind
You wish me and you to align
But I've got you now

Richter and Renard
Puppets of the servant and guard
Just more filler for
Me to kill for her

If I can conquer death then what can stop me now
I've made my way throughout the castle
Time is running out
I have to make a choice
Because half my blood is his
Do I want that destroyed when he's all I have left

Go back from whence you came before I find you here
Your servant could invert the castle, I could disappear
We woudln't have to fight
And I could still have half the blood within me stay alive

Or do I have a reason to think that he could change
Mother's words could show him that we could be humane
Or am I too far gone now
Has all the blood been drawn out
Father what's your name

I don't want the world to fade away
Track Name: Saga
We are at war with the universe
Hear them coming
They're coming
Can't pick a side when I got here first
So I keep on running from the last place that we called home

Trying to find comfort
Always have to wonder
Where to sleep tonight
Every time I wake up
Don't know what to make of
Will it be alright

We try to stick to our family tree when we travel
We're fragile strands of a rope but we won't unravel
Sometimes I wish I was normal
But it's weirder to be happy
We have to lose a lot but we couldn't do it any better
Go out fighting
Not to fadeaway

We have to out chance, do what we must do, baby
Both sides will come for us
There's no one we can trust
But we must find some friends
Trust who we have to, maybe
And you must believe that you cannot be seen
Track Name: My Queen (Aliens Song) (feat. Psychostick)
The knife isn't quite enough
So pass Michael and Jason up
And no luck for Dracula if he tries to suck her blood

And Pyramid Head is way too slow
While Pennywise needs her fear to grow
Tall Man and Slender Man are just skinny campy and old

Is there anything beyond their queen
To ever make them feel afraid
Why do you run
you can't get away

Critters, Gremlins, and Leprechaun
The little men she is snacking on
Unlike drooly Hannibal with his stomach fully gone

A deadite army might hurt her some
Or nemesis with his giant guns
And we know Predator only gets her when she's young

A big daddy could get it if he tried
Freddy and her for sweet dreams tonight
It Follows around with all those legs to hug your face just right
Swimming up with Jaws she can't be seen
Or make a tape with the girl from the ring
Or show you the sights, Pinhead in tights
Yet another world for her Queen

Who will be her king?
A disembodied entity who leads their own regime
Only King Boo meets her needs
Track Name: Living In Rewind
I thought I had control
I could mess with time a little bit nobody would know
I follow every move
And I try to dodge the outcome but it doesn't always improve

I only see in front of me when traveling through time
I want to cling to everything and keep it all aligned

But everything thought and every choice
And every word that is just a voice I can't make them hear

I have all this power but I
I can't change the things that I can't find
Life will be devouered if I'm just living in rewind

It doesn't always work
When I try to change realities of moments that hurt
But I always have to try
Because the storm will keep on coming and I'll never avoid the tide

Now every time that I rewind it adds a little wind
Until the storm begins to form and time begns to bend
But I don't know what they've been through
They know way more than I think they do

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