80s Ep (MAGProm)

by Professor Shyguy

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<https://y.st./> These chiptune covers of old songs came out very nicely. I especially love Spin Me Round (Dead or Alive) and Johnny B Goode (Marty McFly). The album artwork is pretty awesome as well! Favorite track: Johnny B Goode (Marty McFly).
Doctor Impossible
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Doctor Impossible Shyguy totally KILLED THIS at the MAGProm, easily one of the neatest things he's done. Favorite track: Johnny B Goode (Marty McFly).
Daniel Lair
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Daniel Lair Did you ever feel the need for some 80s? Did you hope that the 80s would come back in a single EP? And on top of those two things, was your ultimate fantasy involved Professor Shyguy as well? Then you my friend... have hit gold. Favorite track: Don't You Forget About Me (Simple Minds).
Insane Ian
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Insane Ian Tonite, we DANCE for the Users!
President Hoodie
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President Hoodie Going to exclusively listen to this cover of "True" from like now until the end of time. hahaha
\m|♥|m/ Favorite track: True (Spandau Ballet).
Brendan McLeod
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Brendan McLeod You know that new sound you're looking for? Well, listen to this. Favorite track: Johnny B Goode (Marty McFly).


Some 80s covers and an "80s" cover from Back to the Future


released January 20, 2015

art by Adam Hoffman




Professor Shyguy Baltimore, Maryland

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